Volcanoes Rock, Molten Style

September2014 094Vacation is over and that means the younger kids are back to work on their schooling. That’s the perfect time for a FIELD TRIP!

Time for a bit of brushing up on our geology. This week we headed up to the Johnston Ridge Observatory near Mount St Helens. http://www.cheapcialisoriginal.com/ The weather was beautiful and other than a few clouds that hung out at the top, we had a lovely view.

All work and no play? Well, we already put in our work that previous weekend with a triple header of 3 shows in 2 days, one during a downpour! The deluge continued through most of the show.

Hey, we’re in Washington! We’ve had so many beautiful days we were starting to wonder about that rainy reputation!

Huh. Looks like it does rain here. September2014 051September2014 056September2014 057


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