Update on the CD Project

The CD project is really rolling now! It’s been a bit of an interesting ride, too. A week before recording, Sean sprained his wrist a bit, then the day before we hit the studio, he fell off of his bike and reinjured it. After ice and what they called “Mom’s witch-doctor potion” (peppermint and lavender essential oils rubbed in, then fresh parsley wrapped over the wrist… with a bit of help from ibuprofen), his wrist was feeling fine again in no time and he was able to play with hardly any discomfort on Saturday.

The rest of the time has been fairly entertaining, if you don’t mind life’s roller coaster. We had to throw out one take because it was hailing loudly outside and you could hear it through the microphones! Today we had to stop recording vocals when the rest of the building had to come join us in the basement when the tornado sirens went off. No tornadoes touched down and we did squeeze in the last of today’s planned vocals with minutes to spare.

So, as of today, we have completed most of the instrument tracks, simply lacking the addition of the fife on 2 songs, and almost half of the vocal tracks. Tomorrow we’ll get as close as we can to completing the vocals, then finish up the fife on Saturday, before we start mixing.

Next week Brian, our sound engineer, will master the CD and we’ll get in touch with priceofcialis.com the CD manufacturer and hopefully Alex will finish up the art work, then we’ll be ready to order by early June! That puts us a bit ahead of schedule, despite the instrumental tracks taking a bit longer than we expected.

Lord willing, we’ll have a couple of “sneak peeks” by this time next week!

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