Update on our CD Project

The music is finally all arranged and we’re working every night, even crowding into the front of the bus for practice when the weather is too poor to go outside. Sean just finished learning a clever original variation to the old folk tune, Captain Ward, based on a real captain, Jack Ward. Wikipedia has an interesting article about him here. It’s perfect for him!

Alex has one new original giving us a few fits, but that’s my fault. She asked me to arrange the harmonies and I had a crazy vision of some simple counterpoint harmony that woke me up one night. While preparing the music, we realized the beginning sounds much like an old pendulum clock, putting the development of both counterpoint and the clock around the same era. I thought it was a brilliant pairing. Alas, the kids were less impressed, but we do hope you’ll quite enjoy the very unique sound of this song!

As of today we have 21 backers, we’ve had $1,675 cialisdailyuse – visit site pledged, and we have 14 days to go towards our $3,000 goal. Don’t forget, if we don’t get all the way to our goal, we cannot receive any of the money, so please click on the “k” on the upper left hand corner, or simply click here to join our campaign and receive your choice of the gifts available, all of which include a copy of the new CD!

Hop over and join us!

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