Start of our West Coast Tour!


June2014 081 On Tuesday we left Colorado after spending the previous 2 months in our home state, visiting family, dear friends, creating a new CD, and taking care of the mundane things in life. We traveled over 1,200 miles in 3 days, which takes much longer in good old Benny, who was not always fond of the steep climbs. This just gave us more time to see the stunning sights between Colorado and Washington.

Over the last 2 1/2 years we’ve been blessed to see about 25 states, but this drive took our breath away.
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June2014 156Upon arriving in the Seattle area, one of our first sights was at a rest stop where we found a friendly busker, complete with adorable dog and equally adorable minibus. He was friendly and filled us in on some busking location ideas if the kids would like to earn some extra money in the area. 2 years ago they funded their trip to Disney World through busking. This next year they have more projects they wish to fund that go above and beyond, including tickets to Universal Studios when we get to Florida in the spring.

Our first show is on Sunday, where the weather promises to be in the high 80s with an equally high humidity. Later in the week it will be in the 90s! We’re truly hoping this does not discourage anyone from coming out to see us. We have some about it wonderful new music to play for Washington and many copies of our beautiful new CD ready to share!

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