Spring is in the Air!

Slowly the summer schedule is making its way on to the calendar page. I have started using Reverbnation again for the calendar, simply because it can automatically post our shows to facebook and twitter, and I always forget!

Our first spring/summer east coast show is already around the corner. We’ll be at the Olde Street Fair!

At the moment we are near the Chesapeake Bay area and had a chance to visit Historic Jamestowne this last week, making the most of our time in this historical area.

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When you sing a lot of music from history, it’s great to step into it when you can.

10405481_10204234021267111_6506784710313643976_nSince spring is a slightly slower season for us, we decided it was the perfect time to get a new instrument going in the hands of our youngest. Mary just got this lovely little bass ukulele (U-bass) and will be gradually learning to play some of the bass lines for the band.

The u-bass is tuned the same as a bass guitar or string bass. It is acoustic, but very quiet so this one comes with an internal pickup so we can plug it in when she’s ready to be heard. Before that time, however, she will be free to play along when we are on stage, getting in some practice before she’s ready to have it plugged in.

She’ll keep going some with the fiddle, and hopes to play some guitar in the future, once we can get the action lowered a bit on our little martin, or perhaps just get a viagracanadapharmacybest bit more strength into her hands!

The older youth in the group have new books they will be working through, both with more Irish musical training, and adding in some jazz themes. I know, it sounds like a weird combination, but that’s how wonderful new musical sounds are born! I’m anxious to see how things evolve through the next few years.

We’ll be heading north next week and we have some exciting stops along the way, so do keep checking our calendar. If we are in your area, and you have a venue in mind, please drop us a note! We hope to add more in June and July, and we’re already working on fall, which includes stops through Colorado and possibly back to southern California.

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