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Amber Waves Band

♦ Traditional Music with a Modern Acoustic Drive ♦

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Taking audiences on a delightful tour of modern and historical music traditions, the Amber Waves Band, featuring the Costello family, brings an exciting mix of acoustic music, including the sounds of Celtic, Irish, Folk, and Bluegrass, as well as their own original music. Presenting the music of the past to a modern audience with high levels of energy, stunning vocals, and a skilled instrumental performance.

Starting in 2008, this young family band has grown from a living room band to a full time family band of professional entertainers. Today they travel throughout the country in a converted school bus, playing and singing for audiences of all ages.

The band consists of some amazing young instrumentalists, including identical twins, Alexandra, using both finger and flat-picking guitar, and Kaitlin, who combines Scruggs-style playing with her own style of folk and Irish banjo, laying it down once in awhile to strike a bodhrán. Also included is their younger brother Sean, with phenomenal fiddling, well beyond his years, and little sister Mary, joining in occasionally on fiddle and singing with a darling voice that charms any audience. Parents join in as well, with Michael on the bass, and Cheryl on the flute, fife, or mandolin.

Though the instrumental skills has certainly gained them attention, the family is probably best known for their stunning vocals. Alex shines on stage with powerful lead vocals, often joined in haunting harmonies by Katie. Sean, with a keen ear and full of excitement, sings lead as well as harmony. Cheryl, a former opera-singer, brings in a rich lead and helps out with the harmonies, and Michael brings in the lower sounds with a smooth baritone. Young Mary joins them occasionally, singing out as though she was born for that very purpose!

Through their music, the Amber Waves Band takes audiences on a journey through time, exploring melodies through the ages and telling stories of our musical past, merging together the sounds of traditional American Folk, Old English, Irish, and Bluegrass music, as well as original compositions.

What others are saying

“While 13-year-old Sean’s fiddlin’ skills, combined with that of his sisters’ mastery of the guitar and banjo thrilled the crowd, it was the amazing vocals of this family band that turned applause and foot-tappin’ into ooos and ahhhs of sheer enjoyment.” ~Winter Texan Times, Vol. 27, No. 16, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014.

The Amber Waves Band] are incredible musicians and play songs that are tuneful and entertaining. Your patrons will love them!!!” Bill MacDonald, Reference Librarian, Charlotte County Library System, Mid-County Regional Library, Port Charlotte, Florida.