An American Acoustic Music

The Amber Waves Band’s unique acoustic style of music brings in a combination of old and new, traditional, and original songs in a wide range of American and European folk music styles, mainly contemporary Celtic and Irish, with the inclusion of some bluegrass and folk, presenting the music with their own modern artistic sound.DSC07162

Bringing in an occasional historical spin on their music, each show is presented with an entertaining style that includes songs with historical significance, stories from ages past, and on through to music of the modern era. Mixed into this is their own original music that combines a convergence of sounds of the melodic tones found folk and Celtic music, often with a driving tempo.

DSC07280A Perfect Mix for Folk and Music Festivals, Art and Community Centers, Fairs, and Libraries

Music includes historical favorites, such as Greensleeves, Barbara Allen, Star of the County Down, and Skye Boat. Irish reels combine a unique matching of the Butterfly to Drowsy Maggie, Cooley’s Reel, as well as the occasional thrilling bluegrass favorite, such as Orange Blossom Special. 

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Some recorded original and folk music by the Amber Waves Band: