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In addition to travel updates from the Costello Family of the Amber Waves Band, each newsletter will include one or more of the following:

    • New photo and video releases, either formal or favorite moments during our shows.
    • Link to articles to encourage you and your family in acoustic, natural music making in your home and community, written by Cheryl Costello.PotatoTater
      Prior to the band, Cheryl spent a decade teaching a private music program to families with young children, a homeschool music class, and arranging music programs for a Montessori preschool and kindergarten. Over the last 20 years she has guided her own children in music instruction both at home and through formal outside lessons. Through the new website, Playing Potatoes Music, Cheryl will provide articles for families with children of all ages who wish to build a home where music is an integral part of their daily fabric of life.
      • 20140510untitled-IMGP9057The Wayward Alex, by Alex Costello, the lead singer and guitarist for the Amber Waves Band. Alex will take you on an occasional journey through historic folk music, with a humorous look at the unique twists and stories that accompany the songs. Additionally, sometimes she moves off of the topic of music to other modern, relevant subjects, all with good fun and humor!
      • July2013 015 (2) (800x310)The Amber Waves of PAIN! An original cartoon by Kaitlin I. Costello. Follow the fictional side of the Costello Family on their hilarious adventures traveling the country in Benny, their trusty school bus, along with their mischievous cat, Thibodaux.
      • Occasional special offers, music downloads, and more!

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