Library Children Shows

Over the last week we’ve had the privilege of playing at a few libraries in the northern Colorado region. I think children shows are by far my absolute favorite. Perhaps it’s because of the number of years I enjoyed teaching preschool music programs, but there is something special about seeing children interact with live music.

Our new library show takes the kids on a journey through some great folk music, starting with showing them the standard instruments and basic song structure in a bluegrass band, having them join in with stomps and claps as we hear the instruments each take turns. After this we move on to Celtic/Irish music traditions, playing reels, jigs, and some wonderful music from the past, including a pirate tune and more.

This is a completely new show, and after getting few kinks out on Monday’s show, making a slight adjustment after Wednesday’s show, today’s show was fantastic! Berthoud Community Library posted these photos of our show on their facebook page and I hope they do not mind that I copied them here.





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