From California to Arizona

After a great month playing for the College of the Desert Street Fair in Palm Desert, CA, we’re now in Arizona for a short while before we take the long drive back to south Texas for the early part of our winter shows.

The street fair was half bone tiring heat and half super-fun-blast! I prefer the latter, so we’ll focus there, shall we? We’ll start about mid-October, when we weren’t trying to keep our brains awake as the temperatures tried to bust that 100+ degrees, and after the early allergy and dust exposure found its way out of our lungs. Note to self: Palm Desert is much more fun as November approaches!

A returning fan captured some pictures and I had a bit of fun with them on facebook.

Post by Amber Waves Band.


The vendors at the fair were so fantastic, except for the excessive sugar buzzes we’d return home with, because they kept offering our kids great treats, especially at the end of the day before they had to clean out and pack everything up. However, I’m extremely fond of the hot dog vendor who kept feeding Sean. That saved me a ton of money alone. He’s 14 and grew several inches in just the last 6 months, so anyone feeding that boy is immediately on my good side!

We don’t have next fall pinned down yet, but we suspect we will return for a longer season. It was such a great place to be for some down time in the fall. Kept us busy, honed the performance skills, and kept our weekdays free for other business.

Finally, after we and some new friends had way more California fun than we should be allowed, we headed east through Arizona, where we got into some fun with the locals, running amok on their quads.

DSCF9608 DSCF9573November2014 001 DSCF9571DSCF9563

DSCF9530 DSCF9520Right now we’re in Tucson, where it’s about time to head out on a walk and get about a million pictures of the lovely cacti in the area.

Unfortunately, our time here is short. We’ll be leaving to Texas on Sunday, but we’re excited to return to our south Texas favorite spot first, Rockport! Then it’s on to the Mission area for a whirlwind of a winter schedule, before our final trip into Florida in mid-February.

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